How to compile Net-SNMP Libraries for Linux PPC Arch

This article describes how to build Net-SNMP Libraries for Linux PPC architecture. Although this article is specific to ppc architecture, but the steps can be used for any architecture.

Obtaining the Net- SNMP Libraries

The Net-Snmp files that this article is based on are listed below and were obtained from the Net-Snmp’s Sourceforge website:
net-snmp-5.7.3.tar.gz For Linux Build

Build Steps

The Following steps were followed to build libraries for Linux PPC environment:

  1. Set the environment for the ppc build .
  2. Download net-snmp open source tar file from,
  3. Copy the source code net-snmp-5.7.3.tar.gz to your server
  4. Then Untar: tar xvfz net-snmp-5.7.3.tar.gz
  5. cd net-snmp-5.7.3
  6. Edit the configure script:-
    In the “configure” script in the Net-SNMP root directory find the line
    test -n “$host_alias” && ac_tool_prefix=$host_alias-
    And change to
    test -n “$host_alias” && ac_tool_prefix=ppc_82xx
  7. Run configure with the following options:
configure --host=ppc-hardhat-linux --target=ppc-motorola-linux --build=i686-pc-linux --with-cc=ppc_82xx-gcc --with-ar=ppc_82xx-ar --with-endianness=big --with-cflags="-s -O2 -Dlinux" --with-openssl --without-perl-modules --disable-embedded-perl --disable-perl-cc-checks --prefix=/usr --disable-debugging --disable-manuals

*note here the version of OpenSSL use in the version which is installed on your server

8. Just press enter when asked for or whatever you require. Default version of SNMP to use (3):
System Contact Information (@@no.where):
System Location (Unknown):
Location to write logfile (/var/log/snmpd.log):
Location to write persistent information (/var/net-snmp):This will set all the defaults options.

9. Just type make in the net-snmp.5.7.3 directory to build Net-SNMP tools and libraries

10. The following files are created which needs to be copied on to your server :-

* net-snmp-5.7.3/snmplib/.libs — (copy to /lib on your server)
* net-snmp-5.7.3/agent/.libs — (copy to /lib on your server)
* net-snmp-5.7.3/agent/.libs — (copy to /lib on your server)
* net-snmp-5.7.3/agent/.libs/ -snmpd (copy to /usr/sbin on your server)

11. The above files can be stripped using the following command

ppc_82xx-strip --remove-section=.note --remove-section=.comment filename

12. Run the Net-SNMP daemon as /usr/sbin/snmpd -f. That’s it!!

Originally published at on December 25, 2015.



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