Linux PrivEsc - TryHackMe

Learn basics of Linux Privilege Escalation

11 min readJul 12, 2020


This write-up is based on the Linux PrivEsc room from Try Hack Me. Please find this room here:-

[Task 1] Deploy the Vulnerable Debian VM

  1. Deploy the VM
  2. SSH in to the VM using the credentials given and run the idcommand
Task 1

[Task 2] Service Exploit

This task is to exploit the following vulnerability in MySql:-

The exploit is available here:-

The creator of the room has already made the exploit file - raptor_udf2.c on the VM at location:- /home/user/tools/mysql-udf . Run the following commands as asked:

Task 2

Get the root shell:

Task 2 — root shell

Learning from this task:-

  • Avoid running applications as “root”
  • Patch things and stay up to date.

[Task 3] Weak File Permissions — Readable /etc/shadow

  1. What is the root user’s password hash?
Task 3

As we can see that hashes of root and user are exposed, which can be cracked offline!

2. What hashing algorithm was used to produce the root user’s password hash?




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